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Mofab, Inc purchased PMMI including all equipment, materials, and buildings setting on approximately 5 acres. The purchase is in line with our business plan of continuing to expand into the public works sector. The owner Mark Naselroad has built the business welding process piping with x-ray quality procedures and techniques. Mark’s father is also trained in these techniques. As part of the purchase of PMMI Mark has agreed to work for Mofab on a long term basis part time while he is still with the police department hopefully full time upon retirement from the police force. Among other duties, Mark will work to keep our welder’s certifications up to date, and get new certifications through teaching other procedures and techniques. Fortunately, all of PPMI’s employees have joined the Mofab family as we look forward to many years of success together. Mike and Lee will be working at our main plant while Kenny will continue to operate the Praxair Depot, and do projects at the current location.

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