Cerline Ceramic Brick & Tile Kit:

Cerline Ceramic Corporation makes it easy for anyone to Do-It-Yourself with our user friendly SUPRTROWL 400 all purpose TROWELLABLE CERAMIC KIT.


From ambient temperatures to 400°F this Abrasion Wear Protection combines a Special Two-Component Adhesive Binder filled with a high Concentration of 90% Alumina Ceramic.


    * Sold in 2-gallon kits

    * Covers 20 sq. ft. at 1/8” thick

    * Can be used 1/8” or thicker

    * 6 hours or less cure time

    * 1 year shelf life

    * Quantity discounts

    * Mixing and applying tools included

    * Glasslike surface

    * Super wear life


The high alumina ceramic chips are retained in the epoxy binder better than competing products due to their angular shape.  


If you have any concerning wear issues, please give us a call.  We have solved unique wear problems for many industries and eagerly accept each new challenges.





Contents Include:

    1- Part A Epoxy Resin

    1- Part B Aromatic Diamine Mixture

    18 lbs. of high alumina ceramic chips

    1- Mixer blade

    2- Paint paddles

    1- Trowel

    1- 48” x 48” pc of mylar

    2- Gloves

    MSDS & Instructions